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New Direct Mail Articles

Seven reasons to use direct mail for sales lead
1. Personal
Unlike an advertisement in a trade publication, which can be read by anyone, your sales letter arrives at your prospect’s place of business as a piece of personal communication from your mind to his. Also, unlike any other medium, direct mail can be personalized (Dear Mr. Smith) and customized to each reader (“As an IT manager, you know that . . .”), showing your prospect that you know about him by name and understand his business in particular.

How to get prospects to open your direct mail envelopes.
In direct mail, you have a formidable enemy—the wastepaper basket. Your prospects take one look at your mailing envelope and decide if they will open it or fling it into the trash can (or recycling box). One way to persuade them to open your envelope is to make your envelope irresistible. Here are a few ideas.

 Why should you consider using shared direct mail envelopes? Shared direct mail is less expensive than traditional direct mail. Companies like Money Mailer sell advertising to local businesses of all kinds. The cost to mail out an advertisement are approximately 10 times less expensive than individual direct mail, or "solo mail". There are many companies who sell "shared mail" advertising whom distribute their envelopes through the US Postal Service. But we recommend Money Mailer regardless of where you are located in the United States. To reach Money Mailer for a quote, you can contact them on their website,

Tree Service - Sending out cards in the mail is the best way to reach new customers fast.

Direct Mail advertising for contractors? Home service companies can really knock it out of the park by using direct mail as a media source. Choosing the right data list, the message, the call to action and the delivery method are all important factors when setting up a direct mail campaign. Many local contractors use direct mail regularly as a way to get their phone ringing. "Direct mail has been our number one way of getting new leads for my landscaping business. And now, we are the best Fort Worth landscaping company", Green Earth Services of Texas.  

Postcard Reminders for Oil Changes - Pit Stop Xpress mails out postcards to customers who are late on getting their oil changed as a reminder. Postcards motivate their customers to come back into their shop sooner than they'd ordinarily come in. "The more they are in my stores, the sooner we can change their oil and perform other regular maintenance. They are the best place for an oil change Hurst Texas.

EDDM Postcard Campaigns for Getting New Customers -  Our strategy is simple. We log onto the USPS website for EDDM and choose our carrier routes. We place our order online and pay the postage. Then we take our postcards to the local post office and they get them mailed. It's easy... and it works very well. Direct mail advertising still works very well. If you need Carpet Cleaning Colleyville, call us. 

Direct Mail is the best direct response marketing for us - We use direct mail every month to get new customers and keep our customer base growing. Carpet Cleaning Southlake is our business. 

Marketing Strategy you've never seen before. They are the best. Every day i get customers from them which is very helpful to growing my business. If you ever want to try them, i assure you it will be worth it. - Carpet Cleaning Waxahachie TX

Direct mail help me grow my business. They are one of the best in this field. I recommend this business for all clients who want to grow this local business. Check them out guys. - Carpet Cleaning Midlothian TX

- We use coupon advertising to attract homeowners and generate leads for our sales reps. Direct mail still works very well and we love it. It has helped us build our business over the last 20 years". - grapevine tx carpet cleaning

 Carpet Cleaning Fort Worth - "I have mailed out coupon fliers to homeowners for years through the mail. It always gets me a good bang for my buck".

"I own a Garage Door Service. We are a garage door keller tx company and we use direct mail. It's been great for us to advertise our service to the community". JL Bradberry, Keller Garage Door. 

"Carpet cleaners north richland hills texas uses direct mailers during slow months." Phillip Mulkahey

"People say direct mail is dead. I say it is alive and well. It's the #1 driver of new business for me. Stump removal Fort Worth TX is our business. We use direct mail regularly to rural communities with lots of old trees". - Owner, Fort Worth Stump Grinding in FW, Texas.

"This is one of the best site that i have encountered and you better try it yourself" - Austin's Home Buyer

"True growth and new customer acquisition is a key component in a long term healthy business. How to get new customs and keep them buying from you is the name of the game. That's the trick. I have been depending on mail as a lead source for over 30 years and it still works. Even though costs have increased dramatically over the years with postage and printing, it's still worth it. - Carpet Cleaning Bedford TX.

"I own a maid service Keller TX. mix up my marketing regularly. Digital marketing is a no brainer and so is direct mail. Don't think direct mail doesn't work, just because it's 'old school'. It is a dependable, trackable and measurable." -  Love My Maid Service Keller TX.

"Direct mail is a great source of lead generation for my dfw flooring company in Southlake TX." - Floor N More

I have a garage door service in Wise County TX. Sending coupons in the mail generates new business for me every months.

Marketing bathtub refinishing fort worth is an expensive thing to do. Direct mail offers a powerfuld introduction to the local community for this company. 

Click here to learn dallas patios and exteriors at North Texas Home Exteriors. They use direct mail magazines to promote their products. 

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